Patricia Clark

Writer, Professor, Poet in Residence at Grand Valley State University

North of Wondering

"These poems have arrived at the page over a great distance and distillation of experience and after the patience and clarifications of time. They are the work of wonder, acceptance, and maturity of means -- nothing wasted, nothing worth saying denied. The greatest pleasure in Patricia Clark's first collection is just how good and necessary the writing and how achieved the heart of the matter is." Stanley Plumly

Winner of a first book competition, 1999 (Women in Literature, Inc.)

New chapbook!

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Patricia Clark is a "common" name -- and I've written elegies for Patricia Clarks (who have passed) around the country.
Michigan State University Press has a new catalog out. Ask for one on their website.
A poet expresses her desire to find a pastoral refuge in nature.
My second book, published in 2005.
Collaborative work
Poems by Patricia Clark & prints by Steven Sorman
Poetry Chapbook (one in a subscription series)
A selection of new poems & some previously published ones
My first book of poetry--winner of the Women in Literature Poetry competition.