Patricia Clark

Writer, Professor, Poet in Residence at Grand Valley State University

News about poems in journals & links to a couple of Patricia's poems. One is audio (see below).

Patricia has new work in Ruminate, Prairie Schooner, Michigan Quarterly Review, Salamander, AMP, Superstition Review, Dunes Review, Coal Hill Review, & reprinted work at The Feminist Wire.

Patricia with her latest book, Sunday Rising .

My fourth book, 2013.

Patricia's 3rd book, 2009.

A review of Patricia's third book, She Walks Into the Sea , appeared in The Gettysburg Review. I don't have a link to it.
It's by Kristina Marie Darling -- appearing in Fall 2010 (vol 23 no 3), pages 487-501.

My 2nd book, 2005.

Personal & Selected Works

Misc. notes & a cute dog photo.

Patricia's favorite dog, Molly.

Conference attendance & events

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Selected Works

Michigan State University Press has a new catalog out. Ask for one on their website.
A poet expresses her desire to find a pastoral refuge in nature.
My second book, published in 2005.
Collaborative work
Poems by Patricia Clark & prints by Steven Sorman
Poetry Chapbook (one in a subscription series)
A selection of new poems & some previously published ones
My first book of poetry--winner of the Women in Literature Poetry competition.