Patricia Clark

Writer, Professor, Poet in Residence at Grand Valley State University

Given the Trees

A subscription series from: Voices from the American Land. One of the first four inaugural issues, Given the Trees was published in summer 2009.

[from the dustjacket of Given the Trees:]
In this issue of Voices from the American Land, Patricia Clark, one of our most accomplished poets of the natural world, takes her readers on enchanting journeys through the woodlands of her home state of Michigan. Here the reader can experience how two hawks,working the ravine updraft in tandem cause a rush of fear, how one can lie down under a willow and wake caressed, how one becomes a hamadryad, sorceress,water and depth-seeker, counting the months till summer. Throughout,the poet surprises us with what editor Charles Little calls “transcendental moments,” those sudden perceptions of a numinous interaction of nature and spirit that come to those who observe nature closely and with an open heart.

New chapbook!

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Patricia Clark is a "common" name -- and I've written elegies for Patricia Clarks (who have passed) around the country.
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A poet expresses her desire to find a pastoral refuge in nature.
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